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And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

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Ministry Foundation

1. We are an independent non-denominational ministry.

2. We have been established by God, report directly to the Lord Jesus Christ, and depend upon the Holy Spirit for direction, protection, and development.

3. We endeavor to spread the FULL Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, helping other ministers and ministries do the same.

Our ministry activity operates upon this foundation, as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Ministry Vision

Reaching the Lost

Our first objective is to reach the lost for Christ, presenting the message of salvation to as many as possible.

Ministry Tours in the Philippines

Teaching the Christians

Our second objective is to teach the child of God, presenting both the milk and the meat from the Word of God.

Training the Ministers

Our third objective is to train the ministers, helping them to do what God has called them to do.

All of our ministry activity is designed, developed and conducted to fulfill this vision as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

If you’d like to sponsor a Rhema Bible Training Center Philippines student, just scan the QR code on the poster or click the link below. Student sponsorship is currently $95/month or $855/year for the two year program.


Our Top Priorities

Our friends and partners are always asking us how they can help and get involved with the work we are doing in the Philippines. This page is an answer to those questions and a source of information for how you can pray, give and be a part!

General Monthly Support

This helps us to increase staff salaries or add new staff, enables Ethel and I to stay longer in the Philippines each year, and enables us to address the many expenses related to buildings, vehicles and equipment purchasing, renovation or maintenance.

Administration Building Expansion

This is the renovation and expansion of the administrative offices at MKMI headquarters overseas. All major structural work is finished and paid for. The remaining cost is for interior and exterior furnishings.

Crusade Department

We are currently in need of 4 portable sound system units ($700 each).

RHEMA Philippines

1. Monthly Operating Budget  ($1,000 USD)

2. Student Sponsorship ($95/mo. for the 2 year program)


We are currently in need of a passenger van. The estimated cost is $45,000 USD.

Previous Summer Mission Tours - People Reached

previous Summer Mission Tours - Confirmed Salvations

previous Summer Mission Tours - Confirmed Healings

Missions Tour Dates for 2024

JUNE 18-28

JULY 16-26

AUGUST 13-23

How Can You Give to MKMI?

Giving by Check

If giving by check, support should be sent to our Tucson office address, which is:

PO Box 91916
Tucson, AZ 85752


If giving by Electronic Funds Transfer, please contact Ethel for details on how to proceed with this option at:

Direct: 520.331.9976

Giving Online

If giving online, PayPal can be used to securely give via PayPal account, or with a debit/credit card.

NOTE: You can add 3% if you’d like the entire amount to go to MKMI.

“Bill Pay” Feature

If giving via your bank, you can add MKMI to your list of approved Payees and designate a day & amount for them to issue a check.

Please contact Ethel if more details are needed on how to proceed with this option at:

Direct: 520.331.9976

Giving by Text

If giving by text, type the word “GIVE” into the message area and send the text to 520-346-6440. Follow the prompts to set up your information for donations.

The next time you give you can simply type “GIVE” and then the amount in the message area, send to the same number and that’s it!

(e.g. “GIVE 100“)


*If you’d like to continue receiving a hard copy of the MKMI Newsletter in the mail, please contact Ethel at:

Hello Daddy Mike.  I’m a Catholic since birth, but I decided to join the youth camp for the reason of “just for fun”, but after what I saw and what I’ve experienced, that youth camp 2019 opens my heart for the Lord.  Now I am blessed every day, and I find myself happy every day, and didn’t mind the problems because I know I was with God.  Thank you so much Daddy Mike, for inspiring me and for sharing the word of God to all of us. 

- from a young sister in Christ whose life was impacted by attending the 2019 National Ignition Youth Conference

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